Plumber's Cooperative Differences


A worker-owned cooperative.

Historically, cooperative plumbing shops have reduced consumer costs by about 30%.

A legally established cooperative is required to uphold a lengthy list of standards of democratic self-governance and of fair treatment and education of employees.

Our profits are shared among our Member/Employee/Owners, who loan their share of profits back to the company for growth.

The buy-in is substantial so that Members have a strong sense of ownership and responsibility for the success of the coop.

As owners, we are responsible for the customer relationship, for the liabilities that could be incurred, for outcome as well as effort.

When a customer works with an employee Member, they are working with an owner of the business, with all its benefits.

We are different!

Our local market is dominated by non-union companies that follow a specific business model requiring high advertising costs, which Plumber's Co-operative rejects on multiple grounds including sustainability, cost, personal compatibility, and sometimes ethics.

If you are still "Freakin'" after calling another plumber that you can tell spends a lot on advertising, please consider how Plumber's Co-operative is different:



Differences Us Them
Business Goal Sustainability Short term profit
Customer Type Repeat business One time only
Training Primarily technical Primarily sales
Pay Hourly Low base, high commission
Pricing    Competitive: you have to be happy       Exorbitant; you won't call them again   
MarketingRepeat business and referralsExpensive media campaigns
SustainabilityLifetime relationshipsExploitive

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